Restorative Yoga with RAVI weighted blankets

Your body senses weight as calming – stimulating the sensory system in the same way that the body relaxes into a hug.


Restorative yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that relaxes the body in preparation for relaxing the mind. Essentially we make molds to hold the body so all of the muscles can relax and melt into the molds. The poses are static and still and entered with attention to the details.

Recipe for a Restorative pose:
Environment: Traditionally a quiet, calm & safe place is recommended. The more adept you become at practicing yoga you will find that there is no environment that is adverse. In truth, you are able to create calm in the midst of storms. Other environmental factors to consider are temperature, taste and scent.

Body: Tranquility in body can be aided by cleanliness. A clean body and diet helps your body prepare for restoration. A good scrub and avoiding foods and drinks that stimulate or depress will be helpful.

Mindfulness: Preparing the mind to move towards quite, calm & safe. Setting the stage for a Restorative practice also includes preparing your internal environment. Again, avoid injesting stimulating or depressing behaviors prior to practice.

Mold: Make a mold to hold the poses using blocks, bolsters, blankets, walls, chairs…. the list of props is limitless.

Poses: There are many Restorative poses. All held by molds: reclined, folded, supported…. Some include a stretch (i.e. Seated Forward Fold). Some are simply relaxed (i.e. Savasana) Restorative poses are typically held for a longer period of time. 5-15 minutes.

RAVI weighted blankets – therapeutic prop: Adding weight to the body during Restorative yoga adds another layer of therapy to the poses. Many of the props used in Restorative practice are part of the mold. RAVI is different – it is part of the therapy. Weighted blankets cause the senses to calm and stimulates a feeling of being cared for.