Hugging within families and among friends are tangible signals of care, concern and support.

How do we give the support without compromising the situation. Setting intentions with your words and your gifts helps to bridge the gap of loneliness and touch starvation.

During this COVID Pandemic we have been told that to love is to stay 6 feet away.  Boundaries for touch were put up with the best of intentions, but what have we lost in the process.  Touch is tangible love. When loved ones are kept at a distance we starve.

During my yoga teacher training we explored the dilemma of touch during yoga class. Within the confines of a yoga class – touch is controversial . Asheville Yoga Center is pro touch (with consent). The argument that hit home for me was that we have become so separated from each other in our daily life that we are touch starved. Our separation causes us to feel alone and can lead to feelings of loneliness.

The key to touch in a yoga environment is setting the correct intention. We were taught to not touch unless we were clear on our own intentions as well as having clear consent from the students.

Consider your touch to be words

Project the intention:

Be Well
Be Happy
You are loved
You deserve love

This intentional touch flows over to daily interactions as well. Hugging within families and among friends are outward signs of care, concern and support.

Yes – it is good to show these intentions with our words and actions.

Hugging simply makes love personal.
In 2020, touch was practically outlawed. We are touch starved.

1000 Hugs

Setting intentions:

Whenever a client tells me they are gifting a RAVI to someone, I ask them to set the intention of putting the love of 1000 hugs into the RAVI.

Even though I can’t be there in person – I want you to have 1000 hugs from me. Every time you wrap this RAVI on you – know that you are loved.