RAVI Bulk Packages for Yoga Studios and Group Fitness.

Prop packages for your group fitness classes.

Take your Studio offerings to the next level with RAVI Weighted Blankets

8.5 lbs each | RAVI is a next-gen yoga prop.

The RAVI Studio Manual gives you all the info you and your teachers will need to teach with RAVI.  Sample Poses and Sample Class Flows included.

Discounted Digital Teacher Training (DTT) (Launching Late Summer 2021)  includes:

  • Yoga Alliance CEU
  • Official RAVI Certification
  • Teacher profile on MyRavi.com and entry into Facebook group: “RAVI Certified

RAVI features studios that offer RAVI props.  Many studios also offer RAVI for retail sale and/or sign up for our affiliate program and earn commissions when their students purchase online.

Easy to Order - Just Pick 3 or more Studio packs below.

 You will also get: RAVI Studio Manual
Studio Feature on the RAVI Studios Page and RAVI Social Media
BONUS: You will automatically Qualify for 
Discount on our upcoming RAVI Digital Teacher Training (DTT) (Launching Late Summer 2021)

Product Quantity

Studio Pack - Mixed Mandala

$195.00 each

Studio Pack - Water Mandala

$195.00 each

Studio Pack - Earth Mandala

$195.00 each

Studio Pack - Fire Mandala

$195.00 each

Studio Pack - Air Mandala

$195.00 each

Restorative Support: RAVI weighted blankets! The RAVI team has been producing these blankets for a few years. They have an innovative style that makes them great for restorative practices.⁠⠀

Jillian Pransky

Restorative Retreats, Trainings and Author of Deep Listening

“I can’t stop thinking about that Ravi class! It was like going to yoga on another level. #grateful and quite memorable.”

P. Williams

Yoga Student

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Learn more about weighted blankets and everyday use

Introduction to your sensory system
Learn where Weighted Blankets originated
Tools for calming in your everyday life
Guide to the RAVI Yoga Practice - How to practice at home with RAVI

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RAVI Bulk Packages for Yoga Studios and Group Fitness.

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