“Love this item! I’ve used in yoga class but it’s so cool to have one at home…I’ve used it at night while watching tv and while I’m working from home, letting it rest on my lap.”

RAVI is a mini weighted blanket that can rest on the lap when seated, on any other part of the body, used to enhance a yoga practice and it is very good I think for people with anxiety disorders, depression and PTSD which is my motivation for having it. It is very helpful for me throughout the day and during sessions with my psychologist.

“With all of the stress everyone has been asking me about the wonderful weighted blankets we used to have in the studio.

Personally, I have 4 in my home office/yoga space. EVERYDAY I have a ravi on my lap while working or when watching TV trying to relax. They are a staple in almost ever one of my yoga classes from trying to get a better stretch, building strength or relaxing in Savasana.

Ravi blankets come for adults and children. Consider purchasing your own during these stressful times. You will be just as happy as I am with them. The benefits are wonderful. Let me know your experiences with the ravi! Also… coming soon… I plan on doing a ravi yoga workshop! Stay tuned!.”

“It was a gift for my friend who was awaiting hip surgery. And she said it was a real life saver!”

“Love the size. Easy to use and move. Great to lay across your core and relax.”

“These high quality compact weighted blankets have been wonderfully therapeutic for my somatic massage therapy clients healing from trauma, seated and on the table! I chose the Hug and the Calm and can’t wait to get the Yoga size too. It’s nice to give clients a colorful variety of shapes and weights for individual comfort and security.”

RAVI Weighted Blankets

Adds support and comfort to your yoga practice, to your focus and mindset and to your ease and comfort
Order RAVI for support and comfort