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3 sizes and weights


Weight Considerations:

Weight:  10% of body weight is a good place to start.  

  • Weight preference is subjective, some people will prefer heavier and some lighter.  10% is a good place to start.
  • The user should be able to remove the RAVI by themselves or be able to make a request to a helper about comfort.  We do not recommend using on people that are not able to make their own adjustments themselves or request adjustments from a helper.
RAVI Yoga Size Weighted Blanket

Yoga Size

8.5 lbs | square shape

Yoga Practice
Sitting for calming|meditation
Therapy Sessions & Spa Treatments
Travel Weighted Blanket


Calm Size

7.5 lbs | Long Rectangle Shape

Sitting for calming
Sitting for meditation
Therapy Sessions
Medical Treatments
Spa Treatments

Hug size RAVI is 4.5 lbs

Hug Size

4.5 lbs | Small Rectangle Shape

Small children
Individuals that are sensitive to weight
Therapy sessions