Weight Recommendation

Recommended weight: 10% of Body weight

Many experts tell us that a good place to start with a weight recommendation is to consider the weight of the user and calculate 10%.  Some kids will like more weight and others will prefer a lighter weight.  10% is a good place to start the process.

Toddlers & Small Children up to 45lbs – Hug (4.5lbs)

Once they are over 45lbs the next 2 sizes come into their weight range.  Then the choice extends to use.  The calm is made more for sitting and the Yoga RAVI is a versatile square shape that can be used for sitting or laying down.

Calm is rectangle shape 7.5lbs
Yoga RAVI is Square shape 8.5lbs

*Not Recommended for infants or any person unable to remove the RAVI for themselves.


The Hug RAVI is designed for the littles.

Recommended for Toddlers and small children that can easily move the RAVI on and off of themselves

for kids that weigh 20 – 45lbs


The CALM RAVI is designed for sitting.

Calm has a rectangle shape that drapes over and hugs the thighs.  It is most comfortable for bigger kids and adults when sitting upright.

for kids that weigh more than 45lbs


The YOGA RAVI is the most versatile.

The square shape can be used folded in the lap for sitting up as well as laying down.  Many kids love to take them to bed to help them sleep

for kids that weigh more that 45lbs