Props that comfort and support   +   Deep stretches    +  Hugs that stay put!


RAVI helps you ease into deeper stretches by leveraging the weight to help Anchor and Torque parts of your body.


Weighted Blankets help ground the body to create more space for calm.  The body responds to weight as if you were receiving a hug.


Grounding is the process of coming into the present moment, disrupting negative thoughts of anxiety about the future or regrets of the past.


Strategic placement allows you to create a focal point for the shape you are in as well as expanding your experience of the pose.


Breath is a constant movement within the body.  Place the weight to create resistance and focus for your breath.


RAVI molds and folds to create the perfect support for your body.  The support is more solid than a blanket and more malleable than a block.


Center of mass is the balance point of the body.  Weight influences your balance & allows you to experience balance from a new perspective.


Traditionally yoga is practiced using the body for resistance.  RAVI allows you to create more strength with added resistance.

Studio Packages Available

Click below if you are looking to buy RAVI in bulk to offer as props in your studio or for other group classes.  Studio Sets come with our Studio Manual and a feature spot on the website and social media.