Yogi Grounding
Yogi Grounding


How is RAVI different from traditional weighted blankets?

The term weighted blanket usually brings to mind the original bed-sized weighted blankets that some people use to help them sleep.  The bed sized blanket is akin to swaddling – bringing comfort to those preparing for sleep.  

RAVI is a miniature weighted blanket.  Our yoga size RAVI is ~22″ x 22″ x 1″ and weighs in at ~8.5lbs.  Perfect for practice, sitting, resting…. 

Each RAVI is made with love in South Carolina.

Tell me more about the origins of RAVI.

RAVI is the invention of a yoga teacher.  Lori discovered weighted blankets when her mother made one for a family member with Autism.  Lori was intrigued by the concept of applying weight to the body to calm the senses to help reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. She created a yoga-sized weighted blanket and named it RAVI (from the center of the word g-RAVI-ty).

In 2016, Lori opened a yoga studio and she began to weave this innovative new prop into her teachings.  The RAVI practice evolved over the years.  Lori now spends her time making RAVI, teaching RAVI Master Class Workshops and RAVI Teacher Trainings at Yoga Studios and Festivals. 

“Students are often surprised by the impact and the multitude of poses RAVI has on the yoga practice.” 

Can I use RAVI to help me sleep?

Ravi blankets are mini weighted blankets.  Our creator, Lori says that she does use hers for help with sleep.  She likes having the comfort when she is preparing for sleep and also that it falls off next to her once she is asleep so she is not under it all night long.  If she wakes up, she just pulls it back over her to comfort her back to zzz’s.

I’m not sure if I will know how to use the RAVI in my yoga practice?

Lori learned to use RAVI through practice.  She spent 100s of hours in her own practice, and then began teaching students.  There are certain principals that work well – depending on the desired result.  Lori regularly writes instructive Blog Posts to describe the proper use of RAVI within the practice.  The blog is always available for you on the website.  Lori recommends that you sign up for the RAVI newsletter to get periodic updates of the latest blog posts, so you don’t miss out.

  Also, be on the lookout for trainings and workshops from Lori and valued partners.

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I’m not sure what a weighted blanket feels like?

You probably already have insight into what a weighted  blanket feels like.  If you have been to the dentist and noticed a relaxation response when they draped the lead blanket on you to take your x-rays.  It’s the sensation of swaddling a baby.  People often say that they feel calmer in an instant.  This is the relaxation effect of a weighted blanket.

This leads us into another Daily Life RAVI – benefit.  You can take your RAVI anywhere with you.  Dentist, Therapy sessions, Nursing Homes, Cancer Treatment…  literally anywhere you sit and could use a little more comfort!


RAVI Adds support and comfort to your yoga practice!

Do you love props that help you feel more comforted and supported?

Do you enjoy deep stretches?

Do you love to roll around on the floor with props?

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