Comforting Children with Hugs

Comforting Hugs are known to cause a release of a waterfall of happiness chemistry into the body.

Weighted blanket are used for calming children in therapy situations as well as creating more happiness in their daily life.  Hugs (real and weighted) bring about sensations of feeling loved, feeling safe and not being alone. These sensations from hugs transform and uplift emotions and mood.

For Children, that so easily live in their bodies, the transformation from a loving/caring hug is often sought after. Children love hugs and ask for them all the time, because of how good it makes them feel.

Weighted blankets feel like a hug and for a lot of people, their body reacts as if it were a true hug from a loved one.  This helps to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn releases chemicals that support health and vitality.

The popularity of using weighted blankets as a therapy tool has been on the rise for years, coinciding with the reports of heightened anxiety levels throughout the 2000’s. Weighted blankets and weighted wearable items have been used to help people with sensory disorders.

Weighted blankets are not just for sensory disorders, but anytime that a little more calm and comfort is desired.

Over the years, we have met several therapists that regularly use RAVI to help their patients feel more at ease during sessions. Ranging from Speech therapy, PTSD and Trauma recovery to Chemotherapy sessions and dental work.

We also believe that you don’t have to have a diagnosis to want to feel better in your body and your environment.

Especially in current times. 2020 has contributed to the rising levels of anxiety and stress more than ever, due to Covid Pandemic and the upset of social norms, election year chaos & reports of unrest and riots…. and that is the short list for 2020.

Children of 2020 face back to school anxiety as well as a new less-contact environment at school. Using weighted blankets and weighted lap pads, like RAVI, can help students feel more at ease, allowing them to transform their environment from feeling alone to sensations of comfort.

Calming kids in the classroom and at home to create more happiness
RAVI are perfect to help kids calm and stay on task
The hug RAVI is perfect for small children.

The Hug RAVI was designed with kids in mind.  We recommend them for the littles – (toddlers up to 50lbs) Once the child is over 50 lbs, you can experiment with more weight (10% of body weight is the accepted starting point for finding the right fit.)  However this is completely subjective and communication is key to finding the right weight. 

*Not recommended for infants or disabled/non verbal.  The best rule of thumb is that the user should be able to remove the weight on their own.