RAVI helps you relax more in Side Lying Relaxation Pose

Side Lying Relaxation Pose is also known as Savasana on the side and offers all the benefits of traditional Savasana with some extra components.

Drawing in 1 or both knees can help relax the belly and aid digestion and relieve stomach issues. Lying on the left side is more helpful for digestion due to the way the organs are arranged in the body. This pose is also calming to the emotions and can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

Side Lying Relaxation Pose is also perfect Savasana substitute for pregnant women, offering relaxation from the extra weight of the pregnancy without the risk of putting pressure on the inferior vena cava which can cause sensation of nausea or feeling feint.


Props: Blankets, Bolsters, Pillows, RAVI

Recline the side body to be fully supported by the ground and props.


Prop the body for relaxation. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add comfort to the foundation with a yoga mat and blankets to make the “bed” comfortable. (This pose is great to practice on a firm bed mattress at home)
  • Add a blanket, bolster or pillow under the head to support spinal alignment.
  • Top knee is bent and placed forward on a Bolster (placed under knee to ankle to keep the hips from straining.
  • Option to keep the legs together with comfortable bent knees and a blanket between the knees to anchor the hips
  • Option to add a blanket between the arms to aid relaxation and support alignment of the torso (helps avoid curving/leaning forward)

Adding RAVI to this shape

RAVI helps hold the body in place so you can relax more and not feel like you have to engage muscles to keep the shape.

  • adds the sensation of hugging which helps turn on the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode)
  • stimulus of the gentle pressure is soothing to the nervous system

RAVI Placement suggestions:

  • folded along the thigh bone (tubes aligned with the bones)
  • folded and placed on the inner side of the lower leg.
  • flat over the hip and torso

Deeply restorative pose that is calming for relaxation.

  • Suggested to practice towards the end of a yoga sequence or as a stand alone pose.
  • Suggested time: hold the pose 10-20 minutes
  • Take your time releasing the pose – removing props one at a time

Less is more. Avoid aggravating shoulders – if the arms need more support or a softer base – add the props. Support the pose as much as required for maximum comfort.


The hug RAVI is perfect for small children.

The Yoga RAVI was the original design.  It is ~ 2 x 2 feet and weighs ~8.5lbs.  The square design allows the RAVI to drape over the body and resists falling off.  The sensation is like a hug and is extremely calming to the body.