RAVI as a yoga prop is innovative and fun. RAVI Legs up Flow is a RAVI signature series with lots of options. Here is an introduction to a few shapes to stretch and strengthen the legs and core. In the RAVI Legs up Flow you experience:

  • Stretch by using leverage
  • Strengthen with resistance training
  • Calming from the inversion
  • Relaxation of the legs
  • Seamless and Easy Flow

 Set up the flow by lifting the hips up on a bolster or folded blanket. Lifting the hips helps to keep the low back from excess strain and gives people with tighter hamstrings easier access to the flow.

RAVI Restorative Bridge

Start with feet flat on the floor, hips lifted on a bolster or blanket and RAVI placed over the thighs.

Tune into your breath pattern and work towards a exhale that is a little longer than the inhale

Reverse Childs Pose

RAVI Reclined Childs Pose

Draw your knees in towards your chest and move the RAVI to the shins.

Add a small movement of the knees a little left and right to settle the low back on the bolster/blanket

If you feel comfortable, release the arms to rest on the ground

RAVI Legs Up

Extend the feet towards the sky – walk your feet to the center of the RAVI – as if you were standing in the center of it.

Let the RAVI flow over the feet – point and flex the toes to move the stretch around in the back of the legs

Soften the knees – no need to force a straight leg. Let there be a softness to the legs.

RAVI 1 Leg Up

Walk 1 foot to the center of the RAVI and draw the opposite knee to the chest.

Eventually release the light (unweighted leg) foot to the floor.

RAVI Restorative Split

Allow the heavy (weighted leg) to stretch towards you to relax into an easy Restorative Split

There should be no strain. Allow the RAVI to anchor the shape – relaxing as much as possible into the shape

Count 20 breaths

Switch Legs and repeat RAVI 1 Leg Up and RAVI Legs Up Restorative Split

RAVI Legs Up Fold

Walk both feet back into RAVI Legs up. Make sure feet are standing in the center of the RAVI and the edges drape over all sides

Soften the knees and allow both legs to stretch towards you in an easy reclined forward fold

RAVI Legs Up Press

Starting from RAVI Legs Up

Flex the toes towards the shins and tighten the muscles of the legs. Keep the toes flexed through the entire pose.

Engage the core by drawing the pelvic floor in and up + the belly towards the spine + hug in the low back

Slowly extend the legs away from you – move slowly and stop when you feel enough pressure on your core and legs

after 5-10 breaths – release the feet back to RAVI Legs Up and rest in RAVI Legs Up Fold