RAVI Restorative

Weighted blankets target proprioceptive and parasympathetic nervous systems to calm the body

RAVI compact weighted blankets are a natural fit for Restorative Yoga. 

The weight stimulates the nervous system into rest & digest mode.

Calms the Senses

Accentuates Restorative Shapes

Stimulates Relaxation of the Mind


Compact & Portable Weighted Blanket for home, school, dorm, office, doctor & travel

RAVI weight can be placed as anchor and to increase torque to increase flexibility and stretch deeper into the joints, fascia, tendons and bones

Anchor for a deeper stretch

Add Weighted Torque

Place your own Assist

yoga teachers are raving about ravi

Lauren Ponder

Experience RAVI from a teachers perspective. Lauren Ponder has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2004.

Studying and learning from teachers around the world, as well as in her own backyard, has given her an eclectic mix of information from which to draw and deliver. 

Body awareness, empowerment and self knowledge and compassion are her foundation for teaching.