Meet the RAVI Calm + Rectangle Shape + 7.5lbs

All of the RAVI are calming.  The RAVI CALM size seen here is particularly useful for sitting.  It sits in the lap comfortable and wraps over the thighs.  We recommend this size for meditation, sitting on your couch, taking with you for medical treatments.  Really – Anywhere you will sit and could use a little more comfort.

Calming & Relaxation

The Body interprets the weight of RAVI as calming because it feels like a hug. 

Often we find ourselves triggered by our environment and our body responds by going into survival mode. Modern life is riddled with stressors which in turn keeps our systems in perpetual flight or fight mode, draining our resources.

Placing weight on the body causes the body to react as if receiving a hug and feeling protected. When the body interprets our surroundings as safe it responds with the happy hormones that support your healthy and vitality.


RAVI Anchors the mind for focus in study or work environmnets.

Placing the RAVI adds a layer of comfort and grounding. Grounding is the process of bringing awareness into your here and now.

When the mind is traveling through remembering or planning the future, it’s not uncommon to have negative thoughts like worry and grief.

The RAVI draws your attention to the body and the present moment and stacks on the comforting feeling of being hugged by the weight, allowing you to stay rooted in the present moment, in your body and your work.

Sleep and Travel

The gentle, but firm pressure stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest system) which helps to support calming the body