Origin Story

So many people ask us how Ravi came to be. Here are some of the twists and turns that brought us to where we are today!

Finding Yoga, Finding Calm

I was a gymnast as a child. It made me feel light and strong and taught me the art of practice. It was years later before I found yoga. Not only was the yoga practice reminiscent of the gymnastic practice, I also found that it was calming, empowering and gave me a way to stay connected to my aging body. I fell in love with the practice and soon found another passion in teaching others.

The Quilter and the Weighted Blanket

My mother is a quilter and told me she was making a weighted blanket for my cousin, whose son had been diagnosed with autism. They were searching for ways to nurture him beyond diet and medical supplements.

Because children with autism often experience a sensory imbalance, she found research that offered weighted blankets can help provide comfort and a frame of reference. If you’re not sensing your physical body, then it’s hard to be comfortable emotionally: the weighted blanket was intended to provide the physical sensation of comfort and stability.


The Prototype

My mother’s initial creation was child-sized and the blanket was sewn together in squares and filled with plastic beads. This gave it significant weight but also made the blanked washable. Countless hours went into the production of that first blanket!

The Happy Accident

Mom often brought her creations to me when she needed help getting them shipped. She brought in the blanket – my initial reaction was instinctive and all I wanted to do was to lay on the ground with it! I instantly felt the therapeutic benefit of the weight, the sense of calm presence it induced.

Watering the Seeds

After the experience with the weighted blanket, I knew this concept had roots. I immediately connected the therapeutic benefit of the blanket to the impact of yoga, and couldn’t help but think there was a way of combining the two.


The Birth of Ravi

I decided to start making my own yoga-sized weighted blankets to use in my yoga classes. I knew my students would benefit from the varying elements of ease and resistance – both of which are necessary for growth. I traded the squares for tubes and found that this added to the use because the tubes folded neatly in one direction (ease!) but resisted the fold (resistance!) in the other direction.

Kids, Veterans, and Meditation

It didn’t take long for us to realize that the therapeutic benefits of the Ravi reached much further than the Yoga studio. We noticed how kids use the Ravi as calming device while napping or just sitting with mom reading a story. Our friends in the veteran community have reaped the benefits of the weighted blanket for PTSD and as a way to restore a general sense of calm. Most recently, we have created a Ravi for meditation and one for students to use while studying (or not studying!).

MyRaviLife – A Return to Presence

We live in a world that bombards our senses. The sensory overload comes from external things like phones, televisions, and daily interactions. Often, we tend to neglect our internal lives for the sake of external stimulus, whether we do it consciously or simply by habit.

The MyRaviLife is about a journey back to your true self. A reconnecting with your internal space. RAVI can help you shift the focus back inside, whether that be in your yoga practice, a meditation, sitting on your couch, or working at your desk.