Yoga RAVI | Water Mandala



The textile Ajmer Mandala was designed by California based designer Rupal Patel.   Rupal named our design Ajmer Mandala for the city Ajmer, located in northern India.  The rich architecture of Ajmers shrines and historic buildings inspired her design.  The word mandala is a Tibetan Sanskrit term that means containing or circle completion.  It is a symbol of wholeness – a symbol of the universe.  Mandalas ancient origins are from India, although the symbol is found in all cultures throughout time.  Mandalas are usually circular and symmetrical and they draw the viewers eye to the center.  The circle is the fundamental form of organic creation, as large as the sun and as small as a single cell.

Additional information

Weight 144 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 3 in

9 lbs

Product Dimensions

23" x 18" x 1"

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