Calm the body and the mind will follow.


Calm the body and the mind will follow.


Meditation is the practice of drawing your awareness into the present moment. When we take the time to meditate, we find that we become more clear, calm and awake. Meditation is not about trying not to think – it’s about practicing to be more present and aware.

Ground The Body

When sitting for meditation, often we find that our thoughts have taken our awareness into the future/planning or the past/remembering. There is nothing wrong with thoughts, but often we find that they spiral us into feeling anxiety about the future or regrets and fears of our past. When we experience a feeling of anxiety or stress our body believes that we are in danger and goes into survival mode.

Grounding is the process of coming into the body to experience ourselves and our lives from a literal perspective. Allowing time to be in our current breath and current body allows the mind, body and spirit to release stress and anxiety that arise from thoughts and move our bodies towards a calm experience.




Weighted blankets help calm the nervous system by tapping into the intelligence of your body. Weight is translated by the body every similar as a hugging sensation which causes the body to relax.

Calming the body cascades into calming the mind, emotions and mood, A calm state is ideal for meditation.

Placing weight on the body can feel like putting on your armor – giving you a sense of feeling protected. The element earth is solid and strong. Balancing the earth element helps meditation by offering the sense of safety and security.

The RAVI is also a tool to focus the mind – giving you another access point to focus your awareness in the here and now. Using focal points helps meditation by giving you an easy anchor in the present moment.

Sleep & Travel

Calms and aides relief of restless leg, insomnia, & body aches.

Weighted blankets help calm anxiety and stress. The gentle, but firm pressure stimulates the parasymphathetic nervous system (rest & digest system) which helps to support a calm internal environmnet.

Studies have shown that deep pressure stimulation can affect hormonal changes:

Increase Seratonin (feel good hormone)

Reduce Cortisol (Stress hormone)

RAVI supports Therapy & Recovery Going to the doctor, dentist, therapist, treatment…? If you are sitting in stress elevating environments take your RAVI.

The compact and portable weighted blanket helps calm and steady your nerves.

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