4.5lbs | Small Rectangle
A Smaller and lighter RAVIHug for those of us that need lots of hugs and a lighter touch


reading * homework * break-time * relaxing before bed * self calming

RAVI HUG is the perfect size & weight for the littles

Children are natural explorers and respond amazingly well to weighted blankets. They enjoy the good feeling from the weight.

Yes, weighted blankets are used for sensory disorders, like autism and ADD. You do not need to have a diagnosis to improve sleep, calm the senses for daily life


RAVI supports health and happiness of the mind and body of our elders

Our Seniors could always use another hug.

Weighted blankets help improve sleep quality and eases Restless
Leg Syndrome. The gentle, firm pressure helps reduce stress and increase calm to battle epidemic depression in our senior citizen population.

Aids Grounding (drawing awareness to the present moment)
to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms of Alzheimers and Dementia.

Calm, Relax and Restore

Supports Treatment of Sensory disorders associated with Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, & Autism

Sensory Disorders associated with Anxiety, ADD, ADHE & Autism can be treated with weighted blankets.
Improve Sleep * Reduce Anxiety * Make Transitions * Improve Focus

RAVI is a compact and portable weighted blanket that travels easily, making it a great sensory tool for travel, school and home use.

Lighter Touch

RAVI HUG is a great option for those of us that need a lighter touch

Rule No. 1 for weighted blankets is that the user should be able to remove the blanket on their own.

Whether the user is impaired or just prefers a lighter touch, RAVI Hug is a gentler option.